Myofascial Release Benefits

Myofascial release is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of challenges in range of motion or pain in skeletal muscle. Essentially the therapy stimulates and stretches muscles. It’s related to trigger point therapy in the sense that the aim is to relieve key areas that are the source of chronic pain. They are also similar in that the cause of the pain may not always be the area that actually hurts.

Working through the various layers of the fascia, the practitioner will generally us knuckles and elbows to stimulate the tissue until tension is released systemically. This loosens up stiff areas to restore ease of motion, improve blood flow, and relieve pain and discomfort. Like other forms of massage therapy, the exact method used will vary by case and individual need to ensure the best treatment.

Treatment in one area of myofascial tissue often results in feelings of relief throughout the body as the tissues are all connected. The tissue is part of what is called a myofascial system, which includes the muscles and connective tissues found directly around bones and organs. Sustained pressure over a period of time allows for a gentle release of tension and stiffness, which makes myofascial release less intense than other forms of therapeutic massage like deep tissue work.

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