About Us


Greg Jones is a licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist; NC License 3290. Greg enrolled in a massage class at Forsyth Tech after injuring his Achilles tendon working as a truck mechanic over ten years ago. Greg noticed a significant difference in the healing he received through massage therapy versus physical therapy. Because of his healing experience in the massage class, he continued with additional schooling at Forsyth Tech and became licensed in Massage and Bodywork Therapy by the State of North Carolina. This includes training in SwedishDeep Tissue Massage, and Sports Massage.

Since graduating, Greg has completed training in:

  • Reiki
  • Quantum Touch,Soft Tissue Release (Stewart Taws Method)
  • Ortho Bionomy
  • Jones Strain-Counter Strain
  • Active Isolated Stretching (Aaron Mattes Method)
  • The Berry Method of wrist and forearm therapy
  • The Berry Method of lymphatic drainage.

In 2002, Greg started his current business of American Therapeutic Massage & Body Works. He specializes in  pain management, deep tissue, and structural massage. Greg uses any or all of the above modalities to achieve maximum benefit for his clients.

Greg worked for two years as the massage therapist for the Cyclones professional hockey team.  Greg now supports local sporting events, i.e. running, cycling and triathlons by providing post event sports massage.

In addition, Greg trained in Emergency Response Chair Massage in 2003 and joined Carolina Emergency Response Massage Team (CERMT). This volunteer team of licensed Massage Therapists deploys after a major disaster and performs a special stress relieving chair routine on all first responders and support groups, i.e., fire, rescue, police. In 2004 he became State Coordinator for North Carolina and in January 2006 became Executive Director of NC/SC CERMT Teams. He taught Emergency Response Chair Massage in North and South Carolina.

Greg is no longer active with emergency response massage, but is a staunch supporter of this effort.