Massage Therapy in Clemmons

Massage therapy in ClemmonsThose in the Clemmons and Winston Salem area that have been suffering from chronic aches and pains have a solid solution to pain that does not require medication. Massage therapy can have some profound and positive effects on circulation, tension, and everyday aches and pains.

Often times pain we feel is from overuse of muscles, bad posture, or areas tightening up from not being stretched regularly. From deep tissue massage to Trigger Point Therapy, your massage therapist can work to alleviate tension in muscles and joints alike, promoting a sense of relaxation and well being. As muscles relax the recipient will often benefit from increased range of motion and mobility.

The increased circulation to massaged areas is useful for recovering from sports injuries or even after some surgeries. Blood flow promotes healing and reduces swelling, and regular therapeutic massage can promote a faster recovery and less soreness throughout the process.

It’s useful for both ends of the spectrum as far as daily work types. Those with more physically demanding jobs tend to cramp or over-exert muscle groups, and can benefit from massage therapy to loosen tight areas up. Those that sit at a desk all day tend to suffer from poor posture more times than not. Improper posture can put unnecessary strain on the lower back and shoulders, causing its own tightness and discomfort.

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